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06 April 2006 @ 11:49 pm
Roll a Giant Katamari With Us!  


You've played it. You've rolled it. You've hummed that tune over and over again. And now it's time to put your katamari where your hands are, and join soundhive and i for Bay To Breakers, as we roll a FREAKING HUGE  cardboard katamari that shall be carved out of refrigerator boxes, and decorated with elements of the city that we've rolled up along the way.  You can come as yourself, or choose from a blithering variety of roll-tastic cousins and kings of cosmoses. It's crowded, it's nerdy, it's way to early in the morning. But by Jumboman, i've got to do something with all this extra carpetfoam that i've got in my garage.  The weekends leading up will have katamari construction as well as costume making for those dolicephalic heads.

The Giant 8'+ diameter Katamari is painted with waterproof house paints, and all objects on it are being given a generous dose of clearcoat.   Meet up at the starting line of Bay to Breakers,  and look for us behind all the walkers, with the other Oddly sized floats and costumes.  Be there at 7 AM Sunday, because at 8AM  We Will ROLL Rain Or Shine!  Wear colorful rain slickers over your costumes, and bring comfy shoes and some gloves  for rolling the katamari with.  We've got quite a posse already, but we can always use more! Post here to announce your intention to Make A Star This Sunday

Saturday May 20th there wll be a last rush to create 2-D cutout objects to put on the katamari- so drop me a line for info  or just show up to the Hothouse, where we'll paint under the tarp cathedreal soundhive created, and in our big ol' garage.

To get the latest updates on schedules and dates,  as well as locations for meeting up, building things, and making costumes, send an email to occlupanid at livejournal dot com, and i will add you to the B2BKD Royal Rolling list!   (put B2BKD in the subject, please!)

However, you don't need to join the list to participate:  simply show up before or during the race in your katamari cousin costume of choice, and join us as we roll up san francisco. I'll put really important updates on this journal as well.


May 21st 2006 3m45cm13mm 450lbs The Prince Has A Posse
your katamari is as big as: 16 Gavin Newsoms